Mark Hubbard Founder & Leeds Music Trust Trustee

Mark is the founder of Old Chapel.

Mark was a customer of Park Side studios in Armley when they took over the Old Chapel in 1992. In 1994 he took it on while working for the job centre and still performing in bands like Red Lorry Yellow Lorry. It didn't take Mark long to realise something had to give and he made Old Chapel his full time job and cut back on the gigging. In 2007 he set up Leeds Music Trust as the Charity and Old Chapel Music became a CIC (Community Interest Company) allowing Old Chapel to grow further and give more to bands and musicians who needed support.

In 2021 Mark decided it was time to step back and hand Old Chapel over to someone who could keep it growing and who had the time and energy to invest in its future. Mark retired and handed the running of the studios over to Katie in September 2023 and is now supporting her and the team as  Trustee on the LMT board giving him more time to do what he loves, touring with bands!

Steve Leach - Director [email protected]

After 25 years in a corporate environment, as employee and executive consultant, Steve transitioned to the social sector. As a consultant to charities and community organisations his work covered strategy and financial planning, organisation design and development, training, incorporation models and the like. An 8-year stint at social enterprise support charity UnLtd gave the opportunity to extend this work to social enterprises; developing growth strategies and plans, completing financial models and developing skills around impact; identification, measurement, theories of change etc. As an independent, work covers a variety of subjects, most particularly around revenue generation and all it involves, however, mentoring senior staff and leaders is a growing part of the portfolio.
Steve is a Non-Exec Director for “Evolve, A Social Impact Company”, a social enterprise providing mentoring support to vulnerable children in primary and secondary schools 
Steve is a musician, song writer and regular and long-time user of OCM services (in particular the excellent recording facilities). He has several guitars, but not quite as many as he really needs, obviously.

Katie Hayes - CEO [email protected]

Katie took over from Mark in 2021 with the promise to make his dreams of Old Chapel's Future come true, big promise and even bigger boots to fill.

Katie has over 14 years experience in the 3rd sector around Mental Health & Wellbeing, running projects and managing Volunteers. Prior to this she worked in the private sector in finance and student accommodation at Huddersfield University. Katie loves a challenge especially when it’s in the best interests of the community.

Katie is not an expert in the technology side of the business, but is learning. She says she is surrounded by a fantastic team of very knowledgeable staff who she values immensely and who are supporting her in this new role.

Katie loves music and many years ago she played piano, keyboard, clarinet & saxophone. You will only hear Katie singing if she’s in a karaoke bar and has had a few wines to drink first. Katie’s favourite thing to do is relaxing at a spa with her friend and a good book.


New Director to be announced soon…

Joe Kent - Director [email protected]

Joe joined Old Chapel's Board of Directors in 2021 after Katie's request for his expertise in supporting the growth of Old Chapel. He has helped to secure some very valuable funding like Leeds Community Foundation, to deliver the FREE Interactive Historical Music Tours and much more.

Joe has experience of the voluntary and statutory sectors having worked in the past for Leeds Young Persons Housing Trust, Leeds City Council, Homeless Link and Barca-Leeds where he currently works for 3 days per week and Cloth Cat for 2 days a week. His main experience is across homelessness and health & wellbeing, commissioning services, funding applications, partnership working and service development.

In his spare time he plays the piano with his band King&I at functions and charity events, he loves to play cricket and tries to keep healthy with yoga and walking. He loves listening to music of all types, especially live music at his favourite local Leeds venue Brudenell Social Club.


New Director to be announced soon…

Michael McManus (aka Manni) [email protected]

Manni is a Leeds born and bred musician with over 17 years of experience playing the drums, among other instruments, and over 14 years live performance experience. He started coming to Old Chapel around 2010/2011 with his then band 'The Scandal' with which he was the first to play at the First Direct Arena in Leeds when it opened in 2013, as well as playing other notable venues such as the 02 Academy Leeds, The Cockpit, Brudenell Social Club, and the Main Stage at Bingley Music Live in 2012. Following his time at Leeds College of Music, of which he left with a BA (Hons) in Popular Music in 2016, Manni started working as the studio manager at Beat Street Studio in Meanwood, as well as leading Music therapy sessions at Old Chapel and teaching the drums. In 2017 he was offered work as a studio supervisor at Old Chapel and has been here ever since.

Manni now plays the drums in The Loose Cut, who played Reading and Leeds Festival in 2019 and tours the UK. As well as this he was the Leeds Centre ( Old Chapel) Coach for MAS Records and now coaches bands and facilitates the Brand your Band Programme from Kirklees College also based at The Old Chapel.

Manni is now opening a high tech Drum studio at Old Chapel where he will teach from as well as dry hire to fellow drummers. If you are interested in Drum lessons or want to enquire about the Brand your Band Programme, then get in touch with Manni. 

Jim Fields [email protected]

Jim has been at Old Chapel for 10+ years. After his last full time job did a stint as FOH, before coming to Old Chapel to help Mark out which then became a permanent position.

Jim has been playing bass since about 1980 and still plays for La Costa Rosa, recording and gigging.

If you need to know how something works, where it is or assistance with problem solving, the usual answer is “Ask Jim".

Rob Cooper [email protected]

Robin recently joined Old Chapel in March 2024 as a floating Freelancer and volunteer and is now working reception 3 days a week. Rob is an amazing freelance musician who has organised and performed at gigs all over the UK, with

an extensive portfolio of original material, mostly with a focus on Country music adapted to a British palette

Rob studied Bachelor of Arts -BA, Spanish & Chinees at Manchester University and has 6 years experience working for service providers, delivering a high standard of customer service and has the drive and initiative to thrive in any environment which is why he's an asset to Old Chapel.

Rob is busy developing our new offer of products for musicians and private events when he's not on stage playing his guitar to the masses.

Company Directors

Joe Kent & Steve Leach


Katie Hayes

Studio Staff & Freelancers

Matti Scott

Matti joined us in 2019 as a freelancer on a music project for vulnerable adults and is now part of our Studio Supervisors team. Matti is a talented self taught musician, like many, who loves playing the keys and editing. He studied Music Production at Leeds College of Music now Leeds Conservatoire and currently runs one of our FREE music clubs on a Wednesday as well as working for Vera Media as their Media & Arts teacher, running groups in the community. Matti also drew the image of the studios which we use in our logo, we think he did a brilliant job capturing Old Chapels charms.

Lucy Reains

Lucy has been volunteering for Cloth Cat for many years. She started volunteering and supporting Old Chapel in 2021 and joined the Studio Supervisors team in 2022. Lucy has a wealth of experience in various parts of the music industry especially around PA, events & promotions. She is currently studying Graphic Design & Illustration at Leeds University and is a part owner and Venue Consultant at the White Swan pub in Huddersfield. Our new logo and front door sign was designed by Lucy and we couldn't be happier with how it looks.

Joe Schofield

Joe has been rehearsing with his band Sound Like a Storm at Old Chapel since 2015. They were part of the MAS programme and in 2021 he joined us on a student placement from Wakefield College where he was studying Popular Music which consisted of performance, music technology and music management. Joe finished his placement and we were so impressed with his hard work that we asked him to join us as part of the Studio Supervisors team in 2022. Joe is focused on helping other musicians and bands and is available to give advice on booking shows, distributing music and how to generate an income through your own music.

Xanthe Sparke

Xanthe came to us in 2022 as a student placement from Leeds Beckett University where she was studying Music Production, she worked so hard that we couldn’t let her go. So in June 2022 she agreed to freelance with us and get our PA Hire business off the ground as well as being part of the Studio Supervisors team. Xanthe has worked very hard to get the PA hire up and running by creating hire agreements, policies & guidelines, price lists and checking all the equipment, along with being a sound engineer & driving the van when it goes out. Xanthe has supported many of the Leeds festivals and community events in 2022 such as the David Oluwale event and Holbeck Gala,making sure the sound was perfect for all to enjoy the bands & musicians. She is due to qualify Uni in 2023 and we hope to see much more of her at the studios, but in the meantime she can be found behind the bar at Seven Arts.

Katie Simkins

Katie joined us in 2022 as a tour guide for the interactive tours  but has become one of the family very quickly and is now volunteering after the tours finished. Katie was a private tutor of Maths, Physics & Chemistry but has joined the staff team at The Leadmill in Sheffield. She only came to Leeds when she started as our tour guide. Katie is from a musical family as her dad is Mike (Simii) Simkins from the band B.F.G and is now drumming for the Membranes. 

Lucas Tregaskis

Lucas joined the Studio Supervisors team in 2023 and is a Music Technology graduate. After coming to meet us about volunteering roles, where we explained we needed marketing and social media support, he left and a few days later sent us a presentation of his thoughts and ideas after going through our website and social media platforms. His presentation was spot on, he'd spotted all the things we knew we needed to change along with new ones.

Lucas still volunteers for us in his spare time but can be found onsite on a Friday evening. 

Eli Nash

Eli joined us in march, she moved from Canada to the UK 8 years ago and has a Masters in Song Writing & Production. Eli was working for Tile Yard in London before being transferred to Tile Yard North to open a new project, sadly this did not happen and she has been working as a freelance vocalist and lyricist since graduation, running a small record label, hosting a podcast and also have experience managing social media, working in administration, and A&R.

Eli joined us as a floating Freelancer and Volunteer and can be found at Old Chapel covering shifts when one of our staff are off playing gigs.

Laura Williams

Laura joined us in 2021 on the ReBalance project, funded and managed by Festival Republic, fresh from University where she had been studying Music Production. Laura was a paid intern placed in our recording studio to further advance her skills and knowledge in the Industry.

ReBalance was set up by Festival republic and LMT to combat the inequality of women within the industry and offer them opportunities to train, work at festivals and gain the experience required to secure work in the industry. We are the only studio working with them on this project since 2018.

Laura has not only been working closely with Dave in the recording studio but she has also been gaining further skills by supporting the studio with Marketing and Promotion. We have supported Laura further by paying James Grimshaw to mentor her in Marketing, this has been very successful as Laura has created some amazing Canva posts and developed our Brand with James' support.

Laura will leave us in October 2023 as her role with Rebalance ends and she is going travelling with her partner. Laura wishes to remain a volunteer and continue to support Old Chapel.


Lucy Reains – Studio Assistant

Vicky Bower – Web Developer

Tom Baker – Web Developer

Katie Simkins – Business Support

Lucas Tregaskis – Marketing & Socials

Callum Dwyer – Business Support

Max Gower – Volunteer Sound Engineer & Business Support 

Riya Dsouza – Marketing & Socials

Blixa Holden – Young Volunteer

Owen Richards – Young Volunteer