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TO BOOK A REHEARSAL ROOM... If you are an organisation or community group wanting to book a room for a group activity please contact us directly. This booking system and our offers are for musician rehearsals only. Thank you


NEW Courses Available 

Brand Your Band – in partnership with Kirklees College. This is a FREE programme for any bands based in West Yorkshire who are all 19 years or older and in a band of 3 or more. For more info please contact [email protected]


FREE Music Group session on a Friday for those who are isolated and looking for a safe space to learn, grow and make new friends. All abilities welcome 

Free Music Group sessions Tuesdays & Thursdays for those who are isolated and looking for a safe space to learn, grow and make new friends. All abilities welcome

Blues Brothers Soul Sisters Mental Health Music Club. This group is designed for people feeling isolated & struggling with Mental Health, who live in our local community of Leeds and are aged 18+. This group is aimed at building peoples trust & confidence where they will then move onto one of our larger music groups. If you are a professional working with people in the community who you feel would benefit from this group, then please contact us to find out more: [email protected] 


16 or under? – All band members must be 16 or under, you may be asked for proof of age so be prepared.

You can make a booking for any day, any time, and we will not charge you for any extras. Everything is included and our friendly staff will help you set up and show you how everything works.

Summer Room Prices – Discounted room rate Monday to Friday 11.00 – 17.00

Friday Night Offer all rooms £9.50ph from 20.30 – 23.30

Last Minute Bookings – Are you looking the night before or even on the day for a room and time that suits you? If you call within 24hrs of wanting your booking we will accommodate you and your times if we have the space. Only want two hours 7pm – 9pm? if we have availability we'll book it. Call us and payment will be taken over the phone. 

Coming Soon

Songwriting course £70–  We are busy planning our different courses which are due to start later in the year. Watch this space for more info.

Monthly Musician Meet ups – We plan to start monthly meet ups for Musicians here at Old Chapel. We will have guest speakers and lots of different activities for you to get creative with fellow musicians

Old Chapel has three high quality rehearsal rooms available for hire. To start, use the calendar or visit our information page. PA, guitar cabs and and drum shells are included. Guitar amps/heads and drum breakables are available to hire at £1 per hour.
Interactive Heritage Tours are Now Over
Since November 2022 we have been offering tours of our entire studio building, free to all members of the public and of particular interest to musicians, music fans, local residents and people interested in local history. We have welcomed 135 people into our community music studios and would like to thank each and every one of you for taking the time to come and find out more about us. These lovely people donated a total of £224.32, so again, we say a massive Thank You! The tours were made possible thanks to Leeds Community foundation and Leeds Civic Trust. Without their funding support we would not have met so many wonderful individuals and had so much fun. Some feedback from people attending the tours was: "Increased awareness of music in Leeds. I’ve even bought a guitar to start learning how to play." "Felt good, musically inspired plus, and importantly, it demonstrates there is good in an uncertain world" "I love projects like this that are close to their communities but also have top standards and inspire and uplift people in numerable ways." "I felt very happy to have had the opportunity to bond with my son on the tour and when discussing it afterwards." "Increased my knowledge / awareness of an activity and area that I know little about." The studios are open to all, if you want to pop in and have a look around then please do, if you are a community group looking for a new activity then give us a call as we have been delivering this service for over 20 years and if you are looking for a private party or a work day out then get in touch and we can advise more about our packages.

About Jammed

Jammed has been developed especially for the music industry after we couldn't find one to fit us. It took Old Chapel 4 years to go live but in this time the system has been built, developed and sold to rehearsal studios across the world.

How to Use Jammed

All you need to do is create an account by clicking here https://old-chapel-leeds.jammed.app/bookings#/register

You can then manage all your bookings, make a booking, cancel a booking, change a time or date (if it’s available). We are happy to answer any questions you may have but we hope you find it quick, easy and much more convenient.

The Drum Room

The Drum Room owned and run by UK Drummer Michael McManus AKA Manni has been open for a year now and is doing really well. Manni is available for 1-1 lessons and The Drum Room is set up to record high quality drum tracks where Manni can provide raw audio, stems or mixed drum tracks to anywhere in the world.  There are no age restrictions or minimum ability. Manni teaches young people doing their grades as well as the more mature musician wanting to start to learn. Manni can work with any individual and cater to their independent needs, he has many years experience of working with learning disabilities and mental health.

For more information contact [email protected]

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Bank Holidays

We are happy to open for any bands or artists who wish to rehearse on a Bank Holiday. The dates are not available on our booking system so please email [email protected] or call 07749 927929 to make your booking. Please note that rates are slightly higher, for room prices please look at our Rooms page

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